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Business law includes all the laws that dictate how to run, form, purchase and sell a business. While business law clearly establishes all the rules every business has to follow, there might be slight differences that vary from industry to industry. Some of them are issued by local and state government. While the more general are issued by the federal government.

In some industries, businesses have to comply with very specific regulations and laws. Beside these industry-specific laws, business organizations have to conform to a plethora of laws and regulations that apply to all of the business entities. Advertising laws, environmental regulations, and labor law are just some them.

Simply put, if you don’t have any previous experience dealing with legal business matters, you will expose your establishment to a number of risks and you might also fail at protecting your interests.

This is why we tend to do things locally here at The People’s Advocate law firm. Our business attorney Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood Florida services are always at your disposal. The business attorneys in our firm have been practicing business law for years and they will help you by acting based on knowledge and extensive experience.

A business attorney can help you with a number of legal issues. These issues can be categorized by the type of situation they usually occur in. Some of them may arise when you decide to start your new venture, while others come during business management and when you decide to sell your business or purchase a new one.

When to Consult a Business Attorney in Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood Florida?

If You Are Choosing a Legal Structure

When you are forming a new business, choosing a proper legal structure is one of the most important things that you will have to do. If you are looking for a consult with our business attorney, they will be able to provide you with several options and explain the pros and cons for each of them.

Since we know how important it is to pick the right type of business entities, we will thoroughly review your business plan and proceed to find the business form that perfectly matches your specific organization.

If You Are Experiencing Any Employee and Hiring Related Issues

A legal consult is a valuable asset during the hiring period. Our business attorney can help you decide whether to hire employees or stick with independent contractors. There are many highly specific laws in this area to conform to, and only an experienced lawyer will be able to keep you out of the IRS’s sight.

If you decide to stick with independent contractors, you will need an agreement, one that specifically outlines your new arrangement. With a business attorney by your side, you can have an agreement that protects your interests and puts your business in a better position. Noncompete agreements and employment contracts can help.

During the hiring process, an experienced lawyer can help you conform to the Labor Law and minimize the risk of being sued for discrimination.

If You Are About to Negotiate and Draft a Contract

Bad contracts have been the downfall of many successful establishments. Contracts are an inseparable part of doing business and you will be forced to sign at least several of them. An experienced lawyer will help your establishment by preventing you from signing contracts that put your business at risk, and requesting that a dispute clause and additional language be added.

If the contract is breached either by you or the other party, a legal consult will help you determine the best course of action, so that you don’t expose your business to any additional risks.

If There Are Any Official Complaints Against Your Business

There are several government agencies that track the operations of business organizations. If your establishment is put under an investigation or such an agency files a suit against your business, a good attorney becomes a necessity.

An experienced and good attorney will guide you through this process, and protect your interests if the problem escalates and you end up in court.

If Your Business Gets Involved in an Environmental Issue

A business can easily get involved in an environmental issue, especially if it is in the manufacturing industry, where there are numerous emissions, waste and raw materials involved. A legal consult can be very valuable in such an instance because it will help you pin the responsibility and the cleanup costs on the party whose actions lead to the environmental disaster.

If You Decide to Sell Your Business or Purchase One

In the end, a business lawyer can assist you when you decide to sell your business or purchase one. Our lawyers have experience in writing acquisitions and purchase agreements and know where to look to find out if the claimed assets and debts are the same as what is reported on paper.
Whether you intend to finance the purchase or leverage the purchase with seller financing, we know how to make the deal happen. Knowledge is power. Let us help you come up with a strategy to make it happen.

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