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Do You Really Need a Business Formation Lawyer?

If you are starting a small business, you may have a number of questions concerning the proper organization form for your business’s needs. But it is the questions that you do not know and need to ask that a qualified business formation lawyer that can help most.

Don’t wait until you are sued or become a party to a lawsuit in order to get legal advice. Many entrepreneurs procrastinate hiring an attorney until they are served with legal papers, or conflicts within the business partners/associates arise. The time to take care of “business” is before you get started.

Often I find myself dealing with businesses after conflicts arise and the consequences can be costly.

Without proper documentation, clients have been thrown out of the business they founded. Escorted out the door by the Sheriff. Business and/or Family members have emptied the bank accounts, transferred assets and stole the business. In some cases, childhood friends have acted with such Treachery, deceit, and disrespect for the law that it shocks one’s sensibilities. Despite the apparent violation of laws, most police agencies will not act and tell you it’s a civil matter. Without agreements and understandings in writing, your options will be limited.

The time to formalize your understandings is long before you have invested your first dollar.

During your initial consultation, we may discuss many of the following issues:

  • The different business organization forms available to your new business (sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, limited liability company, etc.)
  • Discussing business liability, management, and start-up cost issues relevant to each business organization form
  • Explaining all necessary partnership agreements (for new partnerships); articles of incorporation and bylaws (for new corporations); articles of organization and operating agreements (for new LLCs)
  • Reviewing the filing all government registration documents necessary for your new business, including fictitious business name registration
  • Advising you on the necessary business start-up permits and licenses from local, state, and federal government
  • Business Formation Services
  • Business Incorporation
  • Whether you form a Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, S-Corporation, C-Corporation, Single-Member LLC (Limited Liability Company), Multi-Member LLC, or a Joint Venture, your trusted UpCounsel lawyer will guide you every step of the way. Meet business lawyers who can help you select the right legal entity, understand the relevant tax and liability issues, and guide you through the process of establishing your business and protecting your assets.

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