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No matter if you are involved in commercial litigation where the stakes are high, you need legal advice for your business endeavors, or you need someone to offer legal guidance while going through a process of real estate transaction, The People’s Advocate is a Litigation Attorney located in Hollywood, Florida can help you.  KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.

Having been in practice for over 25 years, we’ve gathered a lot of positive testimonials, referrals, and feedback from our past and current clients. Our longevity and the trust that people put in us are a pure reflection of how good we are at our work, no matter if we are talking about the trial, creating contracts, negotiations, arbitration or other litigations.

If you are in Florida or the Hollywood area and you need these kinds of legal services, feel free to contact us. Get a free consultation and see how good we are.

“Knowledge is Power
Know your Rights”

Experienced Florida lawyers focused on clients and results

The People’s Advocate has have worked in Florida litigation for decades.

If you hire our services, your whole case will be taken by an experienced attorney that can give you the personalized attention you need. The wide pallet of legal practices that we provide includes real estate, business, contracts, and so on.

We know the laws of Florida, the changes and all the important people that can help us do our job better. Our network is well organized and through it we are able to provide great results to our clients. Here are some of the practice areas we excel at:

Business disputes

We understand that business disputes can take a lot of time and shift your focus away from the core business tasks. We also understand that filing lawsuits can turn out to be quite expensive, and this is why we always try to be moderate with our fees.  After consulting, we can inform you of your rights and advise you on strategies.  Knowing your rights and options are paramount. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.

The first step is to negotiate –. Often you get better results from negotiating then you will in court.  With years of studies and training, we are very persuasive and often we are able to convince both parties to come to agreeable terms, where they can make a settlement out of court. This is the best solution for both sides, but if the case does come to court, we can bring out the big guns as well.

Real Estate

So far, we have represented tenants, landlords, lenders, sellers and buyers in various litigation processes. No matter if it’s a simple dispute between tenants and landlords, or there are issues with sale contracts or purchases, we have all the knowledge necessary to analyze the situation.

Most of our clients needed help with the following disputes: Foreclosure, real estate contract disputes, lease terms disputes, rent and utility price disputes, lease termination. Of course, this doesn’t mean that we can’t handle the more uncommon ones as well.

Contract Breaches

The lawyers at The People’s Advocate have many years of experience in creating, modifying, and negotiating form and custom contracts. More than everybody else, we understand how essential it is to outline what all the parties involved want from a contract and when the services will be rendered.

Oral contracts are unreliable and they quickly end up in disputes. It’s important to remember that contracts are an essential part of doing business and that all disputes usually include breach of contract allegations.

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Many business owners and managers think that they will always be able to handle their business relationships. However, remember that people are sometimes quite stubborn and rely on their emotions, even in business. When you are unable to make an agreement with another party, you will sometimes be forced to protect yourself or pursue them legally. In these situations, we are your best choice in Florida, so contact us today and learn more about how we can help you.   Get informed and know your legal options.  Knowledge is power.

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