“Knowledge is Power. Know your Rights.”

Evaluate your legal concerns with an attorney; know your options. Your initial consultation will be informative and is free.

When you hire us—the office of Joseph Brien, The People’s Advocate—you are gaining a staunch ally, a defender of your interests, a legal warrior willing to go toe-to-toe with the nastiest powers-that-be in the business and timeshare worlds.

Attorney Joseph Brien has been making a difference in people’s lives for 30+ years, and we at The People’s Advocate are absolutely dedicated to fighting for people’s rights against wealthy, powerful actors in society who use manipulation, extortion, harassment, and deceit to enrich themselves at your expense. We also assist people with their small business issues, including formation and dissolution, contracts, employee issues, and so on. At your first Information Session with us, we will go over various options and strategies available to you given your specific needs and circumstances.

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We believe that knowledge is power, and that you must know your legal rights and options in order to courageously pursue your optimal solution under the law.

Rare is the citizen who makes it through a timeshare presentation without being psychologically manipulated into signing a timeshare contract. Such an agreement binds anyone who signs—around 80% of people that endure these presentations—into perpetual legal duties that attempt to hold them and even their heirs liable for annual payments indefinitely: a real Faustian bargain. We put our skill and experience to work to cut these devilish ties through timeshare contract dispute mechanisms, negotiation, arbitration, and litigation when necessary. We help you to achieve an effective timeshare termination and to get back your time and money where possible.

Our first meeting is free. Even if you do not hire us as your attorney team, you may leave with valuable advice. If you choose to have us represent you, you will have a dedicated and experienced attorney on your side, willing to fight for you.


When it comes to trying to resolve timeshare, contract, and business legal issues against large stakeholders, our clients have heard “NO” in so many different ways:

“Take it or leave it.”
“We won’t negotiate.”
“The terms are final.”

Most of the time, this is simply not true—it is a lie told to make you believe your available course of action is narrower than the law permits. Given the proper preparation and resolve, this sort of “No” is just an obstacle to overcome, rather than a true impasse.

Our years of experience have taught us that you don’t get what you deserve—you get what you negotiate. In business transactions and litigation, good negotiation skills often win the day. Studies have shown it is heightened expectations and strong resolve that ultimately earn results.

Having the force and determination of the right legal team on your side can make all the difference.

We are that legal team. We are The People’s Advocate.

30+ years of Experience

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Evaluate your legal concerns with an attorney; know your options. Your initial consultation will be informative and is free.

Knowledge is power. Know your rights.