Contract Disputes

The People’s Advocate empowers our clients in negotiations over any kind of contract—timeshare contracts, cell phone contracts, real estate contracts, and so forth—up to and including business contracts of every sort. We also help clients solve disputes that arise when a contract has been breached or when a claim of breach is brought against them.

Any businessperson will be forced to sign at least several contracts—they are an inseparable part of doing business. This is actually a good thing. An expertly-negotiated and well-written contract will go a long way toward protecting your interests. (On the other hand, oral contracts—also known as “gentlemen’s agreements” or “handshake contracts”—are completely unreliable, because the details of such informal contracts cannot be easily proven.) It is essential that a written contract outlines what you and the other parties to a transaction want, and when the services will be rendered. Bad contracts have toppled many successful establishments and have gotten even more private individuals into trouble.

Many business owners and managers believe they will always be able to handle their business relationships. However, remember people are sometimes quite stubborn and rely on their emotions, even in business. When you are unable to make an agreement with another party, you will sometimes be forced to protect yourself or pursue them legally. In these situations, The People’s Advocate is your best choice in Florida.

An experienced attorney like our own Attorney Joseph Brien can also help consumers and businesses before you enter into a contract, by preventing you from signing contracts that put you or your business at risk, and by requesting that a dispute clause and additional language be added to most contracts you are asked to sign.

Disputes over contracts usually include allegations that a contract has been breached.

If a contract is breached either by you or another party—or another party is claiming you have breached a contract when you believe you have not—a legal consult will help you determine the best course of action, so that you don’t expose yourself or your business to any further risks.

At The People’s Advocate, we have many years of experience in creating, modifying, and negotiating form and custom contracts. We are also adept at negotiating resolutions to breaches of contract—and at fiercely advocating for our clients in litigation, if it comes to that.

Knowledge is power. Know your rights.

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