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The People’s Advocate is a reputable law firm that provides a wide variety of services to businesses, organizations, individuals, and other parties involved in residential and commercial real estate management and ownership in Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood, Florida. Our real estate attorney, Joseph Brien, is armed with 26 years of experience in this field and is ready to work side by side with you, from start to finish.

Our goal is to help you protect your business and provide the best resolution for your real estate matters because you deserve to know your rights. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.

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Basic Services

When it comes to real estate, clients mostly worry about their commercial or residential real estate transactions. Our firm can secure the transaction and make it go as smoothly as possible due to the extensive knowledge we have gathered through the years as a real estate attorney.

The Peoples Advocate firm will provide reliable legal counsel and navigate the transaction from beginning to end. We are ready to help you with the contract, whether to review the terms and conditions and/or prepare the necessary documentation, or to work on closing it, and more.

However, our firm offers other services as well and it’s not limited to residential and commercial real estate transactions only.  We are equipped and capable of handling all your legal issues regarding both your commercial or residential real estate property.

The types of real estate issues we can help resolve include, but are not limited to:

●        Acquisition, Development, and Disposition of Real Estate

●        Interpretation and Enforcement of Governing Documents

●        Review and Negotiation of Property Documentation (Loan and Line of Credit)

●        Foreclosures and Alternatives (Deed in Lieu/Short Sale

●        Ownership Disputes (Title Claims)

●        Quiet Title Actions

●        Frauds and Negligence

●        Lien (Enforcement and Resolutions)

●        Code Violation Assessment and a Legal Remedy

●        HOA Disputes

When You Need a Real Estate Attorney

There are a number of situations when you might need our helping hand. We will provide a full range of services to people from the homeowner’s association and condominium clients and represent both landlords and tenants in Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood, Florida.

In case you are facing foreclosure, a defect in the property title, or any other issues with your residential or commercial real estate, it’s important to have an experienced attorney to help you defend what is legally yours by:

●        Creating the best foreclosure defense that agrees with the bank and the governing regulations.

●        Negotiating the original terms and conditions in the promissory note secured by the mortgage with the lender for establishing lower monthly mortgage payments and therefore avoid foreclosure.

●        Finding the best resolution for settling your mortgage deficiency if the property is worth less than the amount owed.

●        Efficiently handling your deed during the in lieu process (the legal procedure when a homeowner returns the property deed to a bank in order to avoid foreclosure).

●        Filing a claim against the insurance company, a real estate agent, or the property seller in case you find out that there is a title defect in the property after closing.

●        Governing the lawsuit in order to define, perfect, and protect your ownership rights and remove all potential problems with the property’s title.

●        Revising the association’s collection policies and enforcing the payment of assessments.

●        Reviewing, interpreting, and enforcing all types of residential and commercial real estate documents and contracts your business, you, or your family members might have an issue with as homeowners,                           landlords,   and tenants.

●        Taking comprehensive legal action especially tailored according to each community’s governing documents.

Why Choose The Peoples Advocate – Real Estate Attorney

Real estate transactions can be quite difficult for everyone. Without a trustworthy attorney, it’s very easy to make expensive mistakes or to begin wrongful residential or commercial real estate transactions. Whether you are buying or selling, you need to have a clear and fair contract without any liabilities.

Our attorneys work for the people of Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood and take pride in providing highly informed and reliable legal services, including the initial free consultation. Our purpose is to ensure that all decisions are made in accordance with the law and the governing documentation of the property.

It’s vital that you know you are not alone. We are more than honored to assist you in your legal dispute and help you win the fight. The expertise of Mr. Joseph Brian can benefit you greatly. If you need assistance with your real estate situation, feel free to contact us online and schedule your free consultation today.

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