Fees, Fees, Fees—All on Top of the Initial Timeshare Purchase Price!

Here at The People’s Advocate, we hate liars. We hate cheats. We hate the sort of people who own and operate timeshares, and the sleazy salespeople who choose to make their money by working for them. We hate what they do to honest, hardworking people—the dishonest tactics they use to separate people from the money that they earned performing work of actual value to society. And we despise how they choose to take that money—from the upfront initial timeshare purchase prices that are blown way out of proportion to the fees they require that you continue to pay in order to avoid foreclosure (which is just another way of saying they make you keep paying them so they won’t take away what you already paid for).

Because that’s how it goes. They hit you hard with that initial purchase price. $10,000 to $20,000—or more!—just to “save” a particular vacation lodging for you year after year. So long as you pay your maintenance fee! Which, by the way, costs as much or more than it would cost you to just get a hotel room or an AirBnB anyway.

Often those annual maintenance fees—yes, you must pay them EVERY YEAR, whether you go to the property or not!—START at around (on the LOW end) $500.

And then? The greater indignity: the fees increase every year. Every year they go UP. EVERY YEAR! There is literally no limit to how high they can go. And, in fact, if you think about it, it’s in the grifters’ interest to elevate them until they are too much for an “owner” to conceivably pay. Why? Because then the company gets to “foreclose” and put that timeshare back in pocket to place on the market, get another huge upfront payment from some poor honest mark, and do the whole damn thing all over again.

At The People’s Advocate, we are passionate about standing up for the victims of these deceptive, criminal practices. Attorney Joe Brien has decades of experience at confronting these doers of ill deeds. Contact us if you’ve fallen prey to these tactics and found yourself down thousands of dollars as a result—we can try to get that contract annulled. But (and this is no sales tactic): act fast! The time you have to rescind these contracts is distressingly limited by law.

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