Timeshare Salespeople are Trained and Determined to Crush Your Free Will

Timeshare Salespeople are Trained and Determined to Crush Your Free Will

On one hand, it would be hard to blame you for letting timeshare salespeople off easy, even for thinking kindly of them. It’s just their job, you may think. They’re only doing what the companies they work for ask them to do. But who you choose to work for is a choice—that’s why we call it “at-will” employment—and these people who work for timeshare companies as salespeople have plenty of time before they ever meet you to realize that what they’re doing is wrong. They go through extensive training—they get to see how it all works. And those who stick it out are bound and determined to crush your free will so they can fleece you of your hard-earned money by pressuring you to buy an ephemeral “property” that only loses value, and that you most definitely don’t need.

Why do they do it? Greed. Just like their employers. (They’re made for each other, really.) They do it for the commission. And they are willing to lie, cheat, cajole, and ply unsuspecting potential buyers with a multitude of tricks gleaned from the deepest levels of psychological research and the personal experience of (honest-to-god) experts in torture.

They work in teams. One will warm you up with advanced techniques inforced personal connection, wearing a bright smile—all to establish rapport and get you to reveal personal information. Then they will hand you off, eventually, to a “closer,” who has been through protracted training to convince you to sign the documents they place before you—by telling lies about what you may get if you do so (never, of course, putting any such promises in writing). And then, if by the end of the now fourth to eighth hour of that 90-minute sales presentation you still haven’t signed the contract they’ve put before you, they are willing to bring in another salesperson who may use outright verbal and psychological abuse, up to and including claims that you’ve wasted their time. As though this whole thing were your idea! It’s all a ploy to put heavy pressure on you, to make signing the contract the easiest way out—even if you really didn’t want to.

If you have recently signed such a contract, Attorney Joe Brien of The People’s Advocate will be glad to review that document for you. And we offer all of the other legitimate exit services to boot. If you have been pressured into a timeshare purchase and need to get out, contact us to schedule a free information session. We will fight for you every step of the way.

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